Welcome to the Energy Student Club at IESE!

The Club is a student-run organisation part of IESE Business School (Barcelona). The Club was founded in 2006 by a team of students from oil & gas, utilities and non-energy sectors and this original mix of backgrounds is still the base of our culture.

Energy is one of the most prominent industries going through a major transformation with endless opportunities for MBA profiles


Foster awareness and engagement with the energy sector amongst the IESE community and beyond, with a particular focus on the Energy Transition.

We do this through:
- Engaging and building IESE’s energy community
- Facilitating industry knowledge & recruitment
- Strengthening and expanding our ties with the industry

Main Events

Through the year we will host several events, including:

“Welcome” Drinks for new members to interact with 2nd Years
Networking Drinks throughout the year
Firechats in Energy, series of roundtables to discuss a specific topic of the sector
Treks, in Barcelona and Europe
Case Competitions
Global Energy Day, main event of the Club gathering specialists from different companies seated on specific discussion panels

Priorities for '22-'23

Increase knowledge about the sector amongst the student body
Connect the student body that shares a professional interest in the sector with industry experts
Support on- and off-campus recruiting activities
Make the Energy Student Club IESE brand a reference point in matter of Energy

Club Activities

Mentorship programme
Network driven events (companies presentations, visits to companies, alumni meetings, etc)
CV & Cover Letters
Interviews preparations

Become part of our vibrant community

Learn about and understand this fast-changing, critical and complex sector
Meet like-minded students who are passionate about the Energy Transition
Network with companies to develop internship & full time offer opportunities










Our Team

Ignacio Miguel Rostagno
Alessio Piscopo
Executive VP
Travis Hampton
Careers VP
Yuvraj Malhotra
Careers VP
Cynthia Onwuekwe
Diversity & Public Relations VP
Iraitz Larrañaga
Public Relations VP
Edgar Marino Motta
Knowledge VP
Mohd Noreffendy Jayah
Knowledge VP
Santiago Blanco
Treks VP
Javier Telleria
Treks VP
Adam Mattlar
Events VP
Maximiliano Zañartu
Events VP
Cristiano Amato Visciotti
Sponsorships VP

Feel free to contact anyone of the Leadership Team

We look forward to engaging with everyone! There is no need to be an expert on the sector.

If you want to get involved in the club not only as a member but also dedicating time to make our mission possible, you can be a 1st Year Director. Stay tuned to know the timing of the process and contact us if you are interested.

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